Bill Seward: House Of Thunderbird (English)

A story by Bill Seward, Snuneymuxw First Nations, Nanaimo, British Columbia. Recorded by Chris Bouris. Thanks to Chris Bouris, Sean Milliken, and Zoey Peterson for video and post-production. For the Hul’q’umi’num’ version of this story, please go to: Bill Seward: House Of Thunderbird (Hul’q’umi’num’)

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Bill Seward: House Of Thunderbird (Hul’q’umi’num’)

s-hwuhwa’us | House of Thunderbird nilh tsun nem’ ni’ ’utl’ Rivers Inlet kwunus kw’akw’i’uthut ’u tthu stseelhtun. I used go up to Rivers Inlet when I was fishing for salmon. ’i’ ni’ ni’ hwun’ quxulh s’ul’eluhw ni’ ’u tey’ huy’thustham’shus And there were a lot of elders still living around there and they were telling me suw’ ’i’wusthelum ’u tu lelum’s

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Bill Seward: Blackfish Warning

Kw’aan’t’ | Blackfish Warning tthu kw’aan’t’ About the blackfish (dophin, porposie). xut’ustam’shus’ulh kw’unu s’ul’eluhw, I was told by the Elders, ’uwu ch tum’temuhw ’i’ he’kwul’usht tey’ kw’aan’t’. “Don’t ever be shooting those blackfish. nilh sul’e ’utl’ lhnimulh, tu qwunus, q’ullhanumutsun. They belong with us, the whales, and the orcas. ’uwu ch tum’temuhw ’i’ he’kwul’usht Don’t ever be shooting them tul’li’

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